Healthy People Taylor County

Healthy People Taylor County

A Community Health Plan


Want this information in print? Below, you will find downloads including the Healthy People Taylor County 2009-2013 Assesment Plan outlined on this website in addition to the promotional brochure and the Power Point presentation all based on this plan.

Navigate to our additional information page and you will find online resource links provided by the Taylor County Health Department.

PUBLISHED DOCUMENTS (Click title to download PDF document)

Health Plan: Healthy People Taylor County 2009-2013 (330 KB)

Healthier People Presentation (1,697 KB)

Healthy People Taylor County Promotional Brochure (368 KB)

Taylor County Opportunities for Physical Activities (1.1 MB)

Healthy Choice Restaurants in Taylor County (854 KB)

Wellness Coalition of Taylor County Brochure (672 KB)

The Taylor County Wellness Coalition, a Healthy People Taylor County action group, is partnering with local media to publish healthy news and information. Please find the guidelines for these articles here. (47 KB)

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