Healthy People Taylor County

Healthy People Taylor County

A Community Health Plan


Since 1995, communities throughout Wisconsin have developed and implemented local health plans to address health conditions affecting their residents. Wisconsin statutes require local health departments to regularly and systematically collect, analyze, and publish the health status of their community. In Taylor County, we followed the eleven health priorities identified in Healthiest Wisconsin 2010.

The Taylor County Community Health Improvement Plan . . .

  • Is a locally based initiative
  • Identifies local factors causing health concerns
  • Recognizes community assets and resources
  • Addresses local health priorities
  • Links to state and national priorities
  • Mobilizes community resources to improve the health of residents

Who was here . . .

  • Representatives of the community
  • Leaders with knowledge of the community
  • Individuals interested and committed to creating a healthier community

Why did we do a community health improvement plan . . .

  • Form and strengthen partnerships
  • Increase community awareness
  • Tap community’s innovative ideas
  • Integrate isolated efforts … build on existing services
  • Conserve resources… prevent duplication of efforts
  • Develop comprehensive strategies that will work in your community

How did we create a community health improvement plan . . .

  • Examined data framed around Healthiest Wisconsin 2010 eleven health priorities: including morbidity, mortality, risk factors, community opinion
  • Conducted a county wide survey
  • Identified priority health problems: factors that can be impacted
  • Identified community assets and resources to be supported or tapped

What risk factors did we focus on . . .

  • Access to primary and preventive health services
  • Adequate and appropriate nutrition
  • Alcohol and other substance use and addiction
  • Environmental and occupational health hazards
  • Existing, emerging, and re-emerging communicable diseases
  • High risk sexual behavior
  • Intentional and unintentional injuries and violence
  • Mental health and mental disorders
  • Overweight, obesity, and lack of physical activity
  • Social and economic factors that influence health
  • Tobacco use and exposure

Why these risk factors . . .

  • Eleven health priorities for the state to reach a Healthiest Wisconsin 2010
  • Reflect the underlying causes of hundreds of diseases and health conditions that affect the people of Wisconsin

Where do we go from here . . .

  • Present the health improvement plan to the community
  • Establish workgroups for each of the Taylor County health priorities.
  • Implement the identified strategies and measure success
  • Publish an annual report on the progress of the plan

What you can do to make a difference . . .

  • Read through the strategies listed after each objective.
  • Find ways to incorporate these strategies into you home, your lifestyle, and your work.
  • Business can work in partnership with Taylor County Health Department to implement these strategies to make worksites and Taylor County a healthier place.
  • Collaborate on community initiatives promoting adequate and appropriate nutrition; increasing physical activity, access to primary and preventive care, and responsible use of alcohol; and eliminate illicit drug use in Taylor County.

Contact Patty Krug, Director of the Taylor County Health Department, Taylor County Courthouse.

224 S. Second Street
Medford, WI 54451

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